"GOT MY MENTAL"('97) is a recording which came VERY close to NOT happening at all. Were it not for the loyalty and ingenuity of Kenny Inaoka, my former sub-publisher in Japan, it is highly likely it just would not have gotten done! Initially, this was scheduled to be a trio recording with John Patitucci and Jack DeJohnette, but, as I began to craft the arrangements, I started to hear the need for additional percussion. In recent years, most of my listening for pleasure and study has been all Salsa and Latin music. I've been lucky enough to become friends with some of the great players from New York City, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Colombia, and Cuba. It was a great thrill for me that both Marc Quiñones and Bobby Allende could be part of this recording as they are two of my absolute favorite players! In addition, Don Alias, another longtime musical associate, lent his special talents to three of the tracks. Brasilian percussionist Café helped make my interpretation of "I Have Dreamed" just what I was hoping it could be, and that is, a unique journey in exploring form...getting through a song ONCE! The recording also features another song from my late father, Sammy Cahn. Here I chose a Sinatra classic, "The Last Dance", but it's treated as a ballad. I guess growing-up and hearing it playing in the house...no matter what Sinatra's tempo was, I heard it as a sentimental ballad. I just cannot say enough great things about both John & Jack, obviously two players of great stature, but, please know that these two very special musicians come ready to play and to PLAY HARD...as a leader, you cannot ask for more. I admire them both even more than before. Engineered again by Malcolm Pollack, the recording was dedicated to my dear friend and colleague Don Grolnick who is missed by all those lucky enough to be counted as his friends.

[1] R.P.D.D.(Ornette Coleman)(7:29)
[2] Paraphernalia(Wayne Shorter)(8:33)
[3] Common Mama(Keith Jarrett)(6:31)
[4] Got My Mental(Steve Khan)(9:40)
[5] The Last Dance(Sammy Cahn-James Van Heusen)(8:41)
[6] Sham Time(Eddie Harris)(8:25)
[7] I Have Dreamed(Richard Rodgers-Oscar Hammerstein II)(9:20)
[8] Cunning Lee(Lee Morgan)(9:06)