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Hi Steve! A new CD??? This is a very, very nice surprise!! I just ordered it. I wish you the best for the new year to come! Cheers, Gilles
Gilles Saint-Yves
Paris, France - Thursday, December 29, 2016 at 10:11:40 (EST)
Dear Steve: I have had your excellent new CD "BACKLOG" since the beginning of October thanks to a very early release by ESC Records in Europe. Every time I play it, I keep discovering new things on it. In the beginning, I was surprised by the modern compositions: "Concepticus in C" by Greg Osby and "Go Home" by Stevie Wonder. But what I most enjoy is listening to the beautiful ballads, "Our Town" and "Emily." Especially the way you play the melodies of these songs, the Latin/bolero arrangements and Rob Mounsey's orchestrations create a nice musical atmosphere. I think you are still a great example for guitar players all over the world Steve!! - Pierre
Pierre Larroque
Den Haag, The Netherlands - Wednesday, December 28, 2016 at 18:01:32 (EST)
Tu nuevo CD "BACKLOG" está increiblemente bueno!!! Me gustan todos los temas, tú estás tocando como los dioses. "Latin Genetics" y "Go Home" son los temas de no dejan de sonar en mi carro. Son los temas preferidos de los Guacos! Un gran abrazo
Carmelo Medina
Valencia, Venezuela - Friday, December 23, 2016 at 14:51:25 (EST)
Hello Steve - I have had your new CD "BACKLOG" on the go since I received it yesterday, and I think it is one of the very best recordings that you have ever released. The older you get, the better you seem to play - this album is a delight, and a very accomplished & balanced production which, like all of your recorded output, I shall never weary of listening to - 5 stars, and kudos to all involved.
Seán Hipkiss
Birmingham, UK - Saturday, November 26, 2016 at 16:02:52 (EST)
Regarding "BACKLOG," - says that, "This title will be released on November 25, 2016." Your NEWS page says "ESC Records(Germany/Europe) released the album on October 7th, 2016." Can you explain this?
Tony Robertson
London, UK - Tuesday, November 15, 2016 at 06:39:02 (EST)
Just bought your new CD, "BACKLOG"!
Peter Kemper
Almere, The Netherlands - Wednesday, November 09, 2016 at 12:40:45 (EST)
Hi Steve. I just bought 9 of your CDs. Well - the 2 BGO compilations, and the 3 from the Dennis Chambers period. Going on a road trip, and I needed some new(old) music. I first heard you on "PUBLIC ACCESS," and then started searching - before the computer/internet era of course - for more of you. I eventually found "CASA LOCO" on a cassette somewhere, and WOW, was I impressed! I fell in love with your tone, your playing, your compositions, your taste in musicians, and the way you seem to bring out the very BEST in them. (I haven't heard Steve Jordan sound so good before or since. Sorry Steve!) So I bought a bunch of your music for the road trip. And the way you write - words that is - on your website is, well, it's refreshing to say the least. You're so positive and humorous, and you seem to remember EVERYTHING. Anyway, thanks for all the years of great music. Along with Bill Connors (on "HYMN of the bla bla bla") and Allan Holdsworth (on "BELIEVE IT"), you're on the top of my list. Thanks again.
Tom Betcher
Somerville, NJ USA - Thursday, September 29, 2016 at 08:39:19 (EDT)
Never get tired of your sound. For Folon!!!
Ronald Auck
Columbus, OH USA - Wednesday, September 28, 2016 at 09:26:46 (EDT)
Dear Mr Khan, I'm eternally optimistic I know, but did I see that you have a new album coming out? I could've been dreaming, or just plain old confused. If so, have you any plans for another record soon? We love you here in the UK. Best wishes, Ben
Ben Dixon
Manchester, UK - Thursday, September 22, 2016 at 17:49:49 (EDT)
Hi Steve, I just wanted to thank you for your immense and generous contributions to jazz, and to the students of jazz guitar. Warm regards,
Paul Hoffman
E. Greenwich, RI USA - Saturday, August 27, 2016 at 19:40:13 (EDT)
Dear Mr. Khan: Heard your album "SUBTEXT." Superb your new interpretation of "Infant Eyes." I know and have heard nearly all of your albums. "EVIDENCE" is my favorite, I have listened to it often since you recorded it. Now I must say thank you. Every note you play is a word, I can understand a hundred poems in a single note, and a book full of wonders in a song. Your playing fills my heart with joy, and gives my mind things to understand about what you are doing on the fretboard. Thanks Steve from a 63 year old listener, and good luck every day you play this wonderful guitar. Yours sincerely, Rolf P.S.: I've never heard you live, sorrowfully.
Rolf Wöhrmann
Stuttgart, Germany - Monday, August 22, 2016 at 17:03:22 (EDT)
Hey, Steve. It's been a long time. We corresponded by occasional handwritten snail mail a handful of times back in the mid to late '90s when people still did things like that. I certainly never stopped listening to your music, and have become quite enamored with many of the records you've released since we last traded stamps.
    "PARTING SHOT" has become a favorite (I'm listening to it right now, in fact), and while "CROSSINGS" still holds the high ground, followed quickly by "CASA LOCO," many others are in regular rotation, including "SUBTEXT." I'm just glad you're still finding ways to get to keep making them.
    Speaking of "CASA LOCO," the new remasters sound very good. Truly a joy to listen to, and worth every penny. And to get "MODERN TIMES" too. Such a gift. I had listened to the original CD of "CASA LOCO" only a couple of weeks before I found out about the remasters, and I could tell the difference right away. Beautiful, really - not that the originals were bad, by any means. In fact, I've always thought all three of those records were recorded, mixed and mastered very well, and the original analog transfers were better than many. But the remastering did some nice things.
    I also was fortunate some years ago to get my hands on a beautiful recording of you, Jay Anderson and Ben Perowsky at the Bottom Line in '92 (the same filmed show that's now up on YouTube), so I finally got to hear you play with the trio that you had always told me you were so happy with, but frustrated that no one would foot the bill for a record. Your stellar playing together on that night is proof of how truly simpatico you guys were.
    Anyway, that was the main reason for my email, to reconnect and throw a bunch of praise at you because your music still inspires me so damn much. Sorry to be out of touch for so long. I hope all is well with you and yours.

Brian Christopher Hamilton
Portland, OR USA - Saturday, July 02, 2016 at 16:54:42 (EDT)
Hello, Steve! I finally received my copy of the recently released "EYEWITNESS/"MODERN TIMES"/"CASA LOCO" 2CD Set. What a pleasure it was to hear it again after so many years! I had "EYEWITNESS" on tape almost 20 years ago, but it got lost. Thanks to the internet, I heard about the re-release quickly. Before that, there were only some ridiculously overpriced Japanese copies available on eBay, so this release is very much appreciated indeed!
    And the best part is that the album sounds just as good as it did back then. I wish you all the very best, Timo

Timo Vuoppola
Kempele, Finland - Saturday, May 28, 2016 at 15:03:47 (EDT)
Currently listening to iTunes on Shuffle, when lo and behold "Calling" and then, "Mambosa" - in that order, played. I happen to be traveling up to NYC this weekend. Spooky! Looking forward to some Khan mojo in the Big Apple!
Frenchie Nouveau
Fairfax, VA USA - Tuesday, May 03, 2016 at 20:53:21 (EDT)
Hi Steve, I've not contacted you before, but I'm a long time guitarist who loves jazz, age 58. Yesterday, our local jazz station in Cedar Rapids, KCCK-FM, featured a lot of your music, as they said it was your birthday, and that inspired me to contact you to, first of all, wish you a Happy Birthday! - but especially to thank you for all you do to teach others, and to share your wisdom.
    I have enjoyed the transcriptions on your Web page for a few years now, since I first discovered it while searching for a Wes Montgomery transcription. I also purchased your Pat Martino book, and have found it to be extremely helpful, especially your insightful comments on Pat's style, which has helped me to incorporate some ideas into my own playing. I really enjoy your music, too.
    And, I've purchased the CD reissues of "TIGHTROPE"-"THE BLUE MAN"-ARROWS"(BGO) and "TWO FOR THE ROAD"(Wounded Bird) w/ Larry Coryell when those came out. I often listen to them when I go run. Now I see from your homepage that three more of your albums just got reissued, so I will plan to check those out as well.
    Again, thank you for sharing your knowledge on your webpage, and I hope that you had a great birthday yesterday! Sincerely, Paul

Paul Williams
Cedar Rapids, IA USA - Friday, April 29, 2016 at 21:35:32 (EDT)
Greetings Steve. Just got a copy of Chris Rogers' "VOYAGE HOME" project to check out. The "new" Mike Brecker solos on it are even greater treasures now for their limited supply. But no surprise, I am most fond of the signature 'cool' Khan rhythm chords percolating just under the surface on a few tunes. You do have a way of keeping things interesting. Nice to hear that unmistakable phrasing again.
Mike Petri
Reading, PA USA - Wednesday, April 19, 2016 at 21:24:39 (EDT)
Greetings Steve. Came across this newly-released recording, "VOYAGE HOME," from trumpeter Chris Rogers. Great to hear your guitar work, and the three excellent extended solos. Also, Mike Brecker! What can you tell us about this session done way back in 2001?!? Hope all is well. Best regards.
Nick Quiason
San Jose, CA USA - Thursday, April 07, 2016 at 22:58:16 (EDT)
Greetings Steve, I have been listening to a bunch of your CDs lately, and I just bought "SUBTEXT." This one sounds so good with all of the percussion, and it's a great production! I love your rendition of "Hackensack." Very cool! And good to hear Randy Brecker on the opener. Congrats on a great album!
    I noticed Herbie Hancock's "INVENTIONS & DIMENSIONS" on your Steve Recommends page. That's a favorite of mine. I discovered it on cassette at a Walmart store many years ago. Bought it for 2 bucks! Now, I have it on CD. I feel blessed to have been listening for 30+ years to all of those great guitarists you mentioned, and you're on my list. Thanks for the good vibes and great music!

Reid Whitton
Syracuse, NY USA - Friday, March 11, 2016 at 18:16:23 (EST)
Love the New CD "SUBTEXT." Great Band, Great Guitar playing - 10 Outta 10
Colin Dubery <>
Brighton, England - Sunday, March 06, 2016 at 10:29:41 (EST)
Hi Steve! Love the 2CD BGO Label of your 3 Recordings, including the Japan release "MODERN TIMES." So great that you kept a Real Drummer and Real Percussionist when making these CDs 1981 - 1984. Utter Bliss! 10 Outta 10! The CD's sound @ 24bit. Keep On Keepin' On Steve
Colin Dubery
Brighton, East Sussex England - Friday, March 04, 2016 at 13:45:03 (EST)
Steve: Just want to say how glad I am that I'll finally be able to get a CD of "BLADES" after all these years. I had a cassette tape (remember those?) and wore it out, lost it, or something, but it's been many years since I've heard the music. It was one of those albums that spoke to me very profoundly, and it was in regular rotation for a long time. Hearing it again will be like reliving my youth (sigh). Anyway, thanks for all the great music over the years. Best, George
George Waldmann
Bethesda, MD USA - Friday, March 04, 2016 at 13:41:59 (EST)
Listening to the BGO Records reissue release of the Eyewitness material. BGO did a great job with the mastering. This music is LEGENDARY, revered, and influential to many musicians. I know my friend Dennis Chambers liked playing this music. Glad to see it re-released!
Pat Schroeder
Baltimore, MD USA - Wednesday, March 02, 2016 at 20:44:26 (EST)
Hi Steve, I have been a big fan of your music since I first heard an album of yours while attending a cocktail party at a friend's house while growing-up as a teenager in Manila. He bought lots of LPs whenever he visited the States. Back then, we listened to Jeff Beck, Clapton, Led Zep, Mile's "BITCHES BREW," Weather Report's "TALE SPINNIN'" and then, kaboom, I heard him spinning this great music, and I asked, "Who's that?" "TIGHTROPE" by Steve Khan, "Who?" Wow... Bang...that was it, and I really got into music more and more. Later on, I eventually picked-up the bass guitar. Now, I live here in NYC, and honestly, your music is a regular in my CD tray! Thanks Steve, your music gave me that first spark, I truly thank and salute you for that memorable experience! - Art
Art Guevarra
Jersey City, NJ USA - Saturday, February 24, 2016 at 17:32:17 (EST)
I've just bought "SUBTEXT." Great recording, and I love the 'widespread' guitar tone! I can't keep it out of the CD player. I had been listening to "QUÉ SENCASIÓN!" by the Cubop City Big Band, so it came along at the right time. I've also reacquainted myself with your first three solo recordings, which I bought at the time on vinyl. My next purchase will be "PARTING SHOT." My brother bought me "CHORD KHANCEPTS" some years ago, and your 'top four strings' substitutions have certainly helped my playing. Thanks for providing such harmonically adventurous grooves over the years!
Martin Shepherd
Enfield, Middlesex England - Saturday, February 13, 2016 at 05:19:46 (EST)
Steve, just spent the last couple weeks listening to "SUBTEXT" in my car, and boy is it good! I've been a fan since "CASA LOCO." Any chance of you coming to anywhere near Philly to do a gig?
Mark Allen
Penndel, PA USA - Friday, February 12, 2016 at 20:37:59 (EST)
Listened to "THE BLUE MAN" album today. What a great record, and what great playing and writing! - Charles
Charles Kaplan
New York, NY USA - Thursday, February 04, 2016 at 07:48:40 (EST)
Hi Stever! Wonder if you remember me? We knew each other when I lived on West End Avenue with Bill, and you and David Friedman would often come by for fresh baked bread, etc. Would love to see you in Japan when you're here, I have lived here for forty years now.....when do you come next? Love, Cilla
Priscilla Storandt
Okayama, Japan - Saturday, January 16, 2016 at 06:50:12 (EST)