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Peanut Soup

"YOU ARE HERE" is the gorgeous new release from the Khan/Mounsey duo that combines the decades of experience these two musicians have with the percussion work of Marc Quiñones to create a stunning recording. Check out Steve's account of the "Khan/Mounsey Saga".

Steve Khan was generous enough to transcribe his excellent, heartfelt acoustic guitar solo by hand for us. To give you a good reference I've also recorded the guitar solo in its entirety for analysis purposes. The .wav file is pretty decent quality by Web standards (16 bit, 22050 Hz) and since the solo is over 2 minutes the .wav file is over 5 megs. Don't download unless you have a fast connection or a lot of time. But once on your hard drive, it's there to replay as many times as you want for analysis and study. It's also available in RealAudio format for those who wish to avoid the wait. I'm also posting in .gif format Steve's solo transcription parts 1 and 2, which can be printed out. And what makes this all really special is Steve Khan's own analysis of this solo.

Guitar Solo: .wav (5 meg) | RealAudio File

Clafouti Guitar Solo Transcription Pt. 1Clafouti Guitar Solo Transcription Pt. 2

"Anhelante" is a cut off "YOU ARE HERE" that is very special to Steve, and is an original composition. View his hand-written manuscript by clicking on the thumbnails, and read Steve Khan's own analysis of the tune.

Anhelante Manuscript Pt. 1Clafouti Guitar Solo Transcription Pt. 2

Hear "Anhelante": .wav (1.6 meg) | RealAudio File